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CBS Health Watch: New Test May Help Diagnose ADHD

CBS Health Watch: New Test May Help

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ADD Aspergers Anxiety Psychologist

0:00but in a local company has developed a test that could eventually help millions


0:04of kids with attention disorders as politicians as it doesn't just diagnose


0:09the disease but helps determine how kids are doing


0:12who already have


0:16thirteen-year-old jillian kodi's sometimes struggles to stay focused in


0:20school because she has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder eighty-eight




0:25from both at the kennedy thank that hussey


0:31precedent harder for me


0:32that's right hillians month brought into the new england center for mental health


0:36in middle tennessee undergo the new function to be d_h_ detest


0:40the device which was recently approved by the f_d_a_ uses motion sensors to


0:45analyze how much is subject moves their impulsivity an irresponsible because


0:50it's an chemical regulation


0:52if you can see there frontal lobe activity not eat that not being there


0:56full-fledged and so they cannot regulate their body with aideed she everything is


1:02so can be so subjective and it's nice to have to have this objective test doctors


1:07say the new test is not only helpful in diagnosing a d_h_ date


1:11but monitoring patients who take medication to treat the condition there


1:16is no cure for it but it is treatable so when you are able to


1:20correct a commission its words improving their quality of life jillian has been


1:25on medication for a_t_t_ said she was in second grade and she is a student that


1:31really can't function without it


1:34bandanas allowing him walk so this is greatly notices held whether is it time


1:38to adjust your medication the tests which only takes fifteen to twenty


1:42minutes costs a hundred and fifty dollars but it is covered by some


1:46insurance companies


1:47on-call adan seventies univ fourth-graders in braintree will soon be


1:51taking another test


1:53fitness test

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