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Multiple Positions -TX Licensed Psychologists - CBT Anxiety or Dyslexia and Learning Disorders

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Multiple Positions Open - TX Licensed Psychologists, LPAs or Provisionally Licensed Psychologists

Private Practice - Dallas, TX

Senior Staff Positions -- Full-Time or Part-Time

Profit Sharing and Ownership Career Track


Experienced in providing therapy, counseling or coaching to ADULTS with any one of the following:

1. Asperger's/Autism, or

2. Dyslexia and other Learning Differences, or

3. ADD/ADHD, or

4. Obessive-Compulsive Disorder using CBT or ERP, or

5. Group Therapist - Social Anxiety and Social Skills


Must be licensed to practice in Texas. Can be any type of psychologist -- Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Counseling Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Rehabilitation Psychologist or other.


We are small but well-established, fast growing practice in Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Clinical Neuropsychology. We have a three-month patient waiting list. We are looking for professionals to treat ADULT patients. We plan to hire five licensed professionals, one in each of the areas listed above.


-- Strongly prefer candidates who have experience working in private practice and who are providers for an insurance network, or whose credentials qualify to become an in-network provider.


-- Benefits include, eleven paid holidays, ten paid sick days, and ten paid vacation days. Your pay is negotiable and based on your previous experience with respect to our needs. We do not have health insurance for staff at this time, but will provide it once we fill these positions.


-- You have the option of working two to five days/week and your hours can be flexible. Our office opens at 11am, we see patients until 8pm, but you can make your own hours. You do not have to work evenings, but can if you prefer. We do not see patients on Wednesdays, but you can work Wednesdays if you like.


-- You will not have to answer the phone, field new patient phone calls, or have any phone reception duties. We provide all those services as well as all marketing and administrative services.


-- We will promote your services using email and direct mail campaigns.


-- We specialize in diagnosing and treating adults with Asperger's/Autism, Reading/Dyslexia and other learning disorders, ADD/ADHD, social anxiety, health anxiety, panic disorder, OCD and other anxiety disorders. We do not treat children, adolescents or teens, only adults. We do not treat suicidal or dangerous patients or patients who put us at risk.


-- You will coordinate your treatment with other professionals in the office treating the same patients within their areas of specialization.


-- We will consider paying a portion of your licensing fees and continuing education requirements depending on how much of your professional time is devoted solely to our practice.


-- If you are interested in expanding your areas of specialization, we will consider paying for your training if your areas of interest match ours.


-- If you choose to work part-time, we will hire another professional to work the hours you do not work. You will have a private office and therapy area if you work full-time, or share one if you work part-time. If you work elsewhere while working part-time with us, we prefer candidates who are willing to limit working in private practice to only our practice. We have no problem with our part-time senior staff working in non-private practice jobs when not working with us. We will consider candidates who are retired from full-time private practice and who are looking for part-time work without the problems of running their own practice.


--We need someone with strong computer and writing skills, who is serious-minded, professional, extremely detailed oriented, dedicated to serving our patients, and who will be patient working jointly with other professionals on behalf of the same patient.


--We dress casual.


-- We will require you to sign a very limited non-compete agreement, but one that allows you to continue practicing in most specialty and geographic areas without restrictions.


-- We will require written and telephone references.


-- We will only interview candidates who have the experience requested.


Absolutely no phone calls, walk-ins, or personal visits please,

Salary, recruiting fees and relocation expenses are negotiable

We will only accept resumes and cover letters by email to:






Thank you for considering our position

Dr. R.

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